Zinn Rug Gallery was born in 1981 with a vision by Nese Zinn. A native of Turkey, she always held a love for art, travel and textiles. Upon discovering a photograph of herself as a newborn in her mother’s arms, she realized one of the first things she laid eyes on were antique Turkish carpets hanging on walls. Coupled with that revelation and the timeliness of friends inquiring on how to get pieces like the ones in her home, she decided to source a few rugs from her homeland. What began as a hobby quickly turned to Ms. Zinn becoming a large supplier of antique and semi-antique Turkish, Persian, Caucasian and Central Asian rugs and kilims. With her vitality and charisma for life, charming smile, entrancing tales of adventures, discernment of quality and craftsmanship, coupled with her honesty and integrity to the business of the rug world, her clientele grew from local scale to international. Her handpicked collection is a living history with each piece having a story.

With 35 years of experience in a brick and mortar, a new chapter has begun. Let me introduce myself, I’m Lale Zinn, the other Ms. Zinn, daughter to Ms. Nese Zinn. I grew up in the rug world with Mom, traveling throughout Europe and spending my summers in Turkey on grand adventures. Playing amongst carpet piles, bathing in rich color, stimulated by texture, the scent of wool in the air and fascinated by the designs, I too loved discovering these hidden gems. It is now my joy to lovingly introduce you to these dear, close friends.

Like people, each rug has its own identity, personality, energetic signature. We all embody such depths of character that our homes, our sanctuary, where we go to renew ourselves at the end of each day, are tangible representations of that internal vibration. Having spent years in the healing arts, I have an acute understanding of how our physical environment stimulates and nourishes our external world. The Collection at Zinn Rug Gallery is interior design in its fullest embodiment of the term. Selecting a piece here goes beyond just a pretty face by connecting you back to your divine self. Let your home confidently speak your wildest dreams and desires. Have fun shopping The Collection at Zinn Rug Gallery.